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Web Design

Web Design

Building A Website For Your Unique Needs

You just set out on your own to follow your passion and started your own company.  Do you have a name for your business? What will you business offer? Who is your business speaking to?  All these questions will help lay the foundation for the design and structure of your website. 

Assuming you have done some research on keywords that are relevant to you business.  Select the best ones to use and then segment them appropriately to specific products or segments of your business offerings.  Learn more about keyword research planning and strategy.

Select Your Domain Url

Having a website without a domain url would be, let’s say, unrealistic.  Take some time to research and decide with domain works best for you business offerings, services, and/or products.   

Purchasing domains has been made simple by web hosters like, GoDaddy, BlueHost, or A2Hosting.  The speed and price of the wordpress optimized hosting (even more so with the Turbo Server) are far superior to other hosting providers (bluehost, Godaddy). 


The design of the CPANEL is clean and allows for easy navigation.

Support is phenomenal and timely 


Problems With other providers

Navigating within your GoDaddy account is a nightmare and anything but intuitive 


Errors tend to occur making the page not function and having to refresh many times before it will start working 

All hosting providers will have their pros and cons but at this point I am still searching for any cons when it comes to A2 hosting.

Planning Website Design and Structure

When you decide to build a website, planning the purpose and desired flow, makes all the difference.  After you have selected your domain and web hosting provider, next you need to decide what platform to use.  DIY platforms are very popular now-a-days. Platforms like Wix, SiteBuilder, and WordPress all offer these services. 

You might be asking yourself, “how to build a website from scratch.”  When you build your website on one of these platforms, you are essentially building it from scratch. 

Select a template that goes along with your branding guidelines and goals established prior to development.

Website Design Pricing  

Pricing a website for your business starts with your appropriate budget.  Having a website for your business is essential for gaining trust from your audience and customer base.  Utilizing this tool for lead generation, online sales, or blogging will help build credit as a professional in your service or product offering.   

Every website is different and each uses a wide variety of different tools.  Therefore, pricing a website design varies depending on your unique needs. Typically today’s websites can range from $3,000 plus.  Developing a goals for your website is essential to identify prior to contacting a website design company. Are you selling a product or offering a service?  eCommerce platforms are far different then a website with service offerings, such as website design and development.

If you are looking to build a website, get started by filing out the form below.  We look forward to build your online brand.