Our Story

Most companies are started because the founders believe an opportunity exists in the market that is currently underserved, they possess a unique skill set which can provide value, and/or complete frustration in their current role. Each played a major role in the decision to start Art’s Cube in November of 2013.

Who was being underserved?

Small to medium-sized businesses need digital marketing and sales experience to assist in growing their company as the Internet continues to grow into the primary source of finding goods and services. Hiring an individual(s) can be risky and expensive, knowing the right tools to choose can be overwhelming (even for a seasoned veteran), and developing a comprehensive strategy to reach revenue goals requires a variety of skill sets that are not easily found in one person.

Thus, when Art’s Cube was started by Brannon Williams only focused on developing marketing strategies, Google Ads, and search engine optimization. Over the years Art’s Cube has grown into a digital agency with a leadership team and professional staff to serve each client unique digital marketing and sales needs.

What unique skills do we possess?

Our team has hundreds of hours of completed Google Ads certifications, Google Analytics certifications, HubSpot certifications, undergraduate degrees, advanced degrees that include the MBA and the Ph.D., as well as real-world applications and experiences supported by proven results, all that function to drive revenue for our clients. We bring the CMO team to your business at a fraction of the ordinary cost for such expertise, and we do so with a policy you cannot find anywhere else: we require no long-term contracts. We are so confident that we will improve the effectiveness of your website in generating traffic, converting that increased traffic into leads—thus creating more customers—that we assume the risk of performance rather than put that on you. We get it: you want to see real ROI before getting locked into a contract for 12 to 18 months before you even know if your investment will really pay off. Because we have done this so many times with so many different companies, we are confident about what we can do for your business. That’s why we prove it to you first by performing, or we don’t get the contract!

We make our mark by helping you make yours.

Our team has the pleasure to work with companies across a variety of industries on specific, individual, projects or on a monthly retainer by creating customized digital marketing strategies to reach your business goals. Frustration is defined as: “the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.” Sound familiar? Inevitably, if you’re a serious business person, you have experienced frustration when trying to grow professionally, to increase profits, to find new employees, to spend more time with your family or friends, and…the list will continue to grow. We at Art’s Cube are a dedicated team of professionals that specialize in solving your digital marketing frustrations. We value the opportunity to speak with you, listen to your concerns and current challenges, and be available to engage in creative conversation about strategies you might take to confront and resolve those challenges. Feel free to set up a quick, 15-minute meeting with our VP of Sales, Andre Resner (schedule a call), or CEO, Brannon Williams (schedule a meeting).