Simple Solutions To Get More Google Reviews
Published by | Carson Schenk on Apr 06, 2017

Simple Solutions To Get More Google Reviews

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Part of getting your brand out there is effective search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Reviews. Reviews on other sites help; however, Google is the most-used search engine. Google also requires a person to have some type of Google account to leave a review. Reviews on Google are not anonymous, so there is much less of a chance that someone could leave several reviews to move a product up to the top. Your product will make it to the top on its own merit, assuming you have good reviews.

Google My Business

If you are familiar with Google Places for Business, you are a step ahead. Google My Business is an updated version of Places. Google My Business is integrated with Google Plus, and it allows business owners to manage their business information. It also allows your customers and/or clients to post reviews about your business. Your business will also show up in maps and searches in one place. The “local pack” shows your business, along with a map to the business and the reviews along the side of search results. The reviews help with click-through rates. And, the more click-throughs you have, the better chance that you will snag a customer from a Google search.

Getting Google Reviews

The best reviews are those you get when a customer voluntarily leave a review. However, sometimes, customers need reminding or maybe need to be asked, since they do not realize that leaving reviews benefits your company. They may not even realize that they could leave a review on Google.

Before you ask for a review, make sure the timing is right. If you ask too early, the customer may not have had enough time to get all of the benefits of your product or service. If you ask for a review too late, the customer's impressiveness with your product or service may have worn off.

Often, customers don't leave reviews because, frankly, it's a pain to do it. Make it easy to leave a review by providing a link to your review page. Use the link in email marketing and on your social media. Always include a review link in a thank-you message to your clients.

The Google Review Link

When you make it easy for a customer to give you a review, you'll get more reviews than you would with a simple request without a link. To get your Google review link, search for your company name. Once it comes up on the right side of the search results, click the “Write a Review” link. After the Google review box pops up, copy the link from the address bar. It will be a very long link that ends with several random numbers and letters. After the last number, which should be a “3,” add “,5” (without the quotes). This not only pops up the review box, but changes the default stars to 5 stars.

Shorten the link to make it more manageable by using Google's URL shortener: https://goo.gl/. Paste the long link into the box to get a link that will even fit on Twitter. Send the link to your customers and put it out there on your social media accounts.

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