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Published by | Carson Schenk on Nov 10, 2016

Google Mobile Algorithm Update Coming Soon


Is your business ready for Google’s “Mobilegeddon?” Dubbed Mobilegeddon, Google will be updating its mobile-friendly search algorithm to make smartphone content visibility a ranking signal in its search engine in January 2017. As stated in the Google Webmaster Central blog, “While the underlying content is present on the page and available to be indexed by Google, content may be visually obscured by an interstitial. This can frustrate users because they are unable to easily access the content that they were expecting when they tapped on the search result.” The reason for the mobile-friendly search algorithm is simple. Google makes its money selling information and advertising and wants to ensure that searchers find what they’re searching for with their online search using its search engine. That’s its core business. With a good online search experience, users won’t go straight to another information source or defect to another search engine.

What Google Qualifies as an Intrusive Interstitial

Google has outlined what criteria it views as an intrusive interstitial. Pop-ups that cover the main content right after users navigate to a page from the search results or while users are looking through the page is considered an intrusive interstitial. Layout where the above-the-fold section of the page appears like a standalone interstitial when the original content is inlined below the fold is also an intrusive interstitial. And displaying a standalone interstitial that has to be dismissed before viewing the main content is another intrusive interstitial that may impact the mobile rankings for a page.

Google Update

PC: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Acceptable Interstitials After the Update

The following are acceptable interstitials after Google’s Mobilegeddon:

This Google algorithm update will not affect organic search performance on desktops and sites that avoid intrusive interstitials for things like display advertising, app installations, email collection and promotions.  

Google Algorithm

PC: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test and OptinMonster

Small businesses and others can test their sites’ mobile-friendliness with Google’s mobile-friendly tool. This tool takes only a minute to analyze a site. You’ll get either a green light or a list of items that are in violation of the new mobile guidelines.

OptinMonster is the only platform that helps you keep in compliance with the Google algorithm update scheduled for January 2017. OptinMonster doesn’t have traditional desktop popups loaded on mobile. A separate mobile-specific popup has to be created, as the company’s number one priority if to deliver the best user experience. Its popups are well-timed. Plus, OptinMonster offers six types of campaigns, including full-screen, slide-ins, lightbox, sidebar, inline forms and floating bar. As a thought leader in the industry, OptinMonster knows that you have to provide a good user experience for success in conversion optimization efforts. When it comes to providing a good user experience, great minds like Google and OptinMonster think alike. Specifically, OptinMonster helps you stay compliant with Google’s mobile-friendly rules with default popups, device specific display rules, mobile-optimized floating bars and smart trigger display rules. That’s why Arts Cube uses OptinMonster as its lead generation tool. Arts Cube will also be making changes to reflect Google’s mobile friendly update.


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