Web Design

A website is more than selling a visitor on your company. It’s a story visitors choose to read, at their own pace, and to discover what makes your company unique.

This is why Art’s Cube is fascinated with web design and the reason you do not see a common theme among our work. We are interested in your story, how to tell your story and to guide your visitors through an interactive journey.

Looking good is easy, but ensuring it adheres to Google's standards and easy to find useful information is where we make all the difference in the world. 

A simple example of website design  

For a moment pretend your website is a book.Picture yourself walking through a bookstore, just casually looking. You may be drawn in by the title at first, then the art on the cover. The cover is no different from the home page of a website; an overview of what your company is about.

Now that the cover has peaked your interest, the table of contents provides a snap shot of the content. Which serves the same purpose as the website menu. A simple, but very effective way to assist visitors during their journey.

The book becomes ever more intriguing as you skip to read a little snippet from a specific chapter; or visit a webpage. Within this book you may have sub-headings and references; which is nothing more than the headings and outbound links that guide a visitor and provide creditability to your website.

Finally, you search to see what kinda of reviews the book has received; which isn't any different from the social post that mention your brand, Google, or Facebook reviews about your business.   

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Each of these elements are an extremely important to the reader and every book follows a similar structure; no matter how complex the subject matter. Whether you are in the finance industry or selling widgets, telling a story and making your website easy for visitors to navigate will increase your conversion rate. 

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