Search Engine Optimization (SEO), though complex, is relatively easy to understand the basic fundamentals. Each webpage tells a piece of your story, which contains specific words or phrases (both known as keywords) that relate to the specific content of a webpage. These keywords are used within your title, headings, content and other areas behind your website that tell search engines, “Hey, they are looking for (insert keyword)”. Which triggers the search engine to populate the most relevant website.

Where do you start?

Identify the topic and create a list of words or phrases that quickly come to mind. Next, use the Google Keyword Planner or Google search each of the keywords to determine the amount of search traffic or popularity of each and take note of any variations or synonyms that may autofill to utilize within title tags, headings, naming of images, or when creating ads to drive website traffic. Once these steps are complete, you will have a basic understanding of your competition, relevance of the topic, search volume, possible sub topics, or resources to support your content. 

Time consuming, yes. 

A lot of time has been allocated toward the initial steps, but the process is just getting started. The design of the webpage, organizing the content, and incorporating other elements i.e. call-to-actions have to be implemented. 

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