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Welcome to Art's Cube

We know you're searching, comparing alternatives and want a solution.

What makes Art's Cube different?

We're a business too and understand every dollar matters. Our team loves what we do, we care about your business, and understand the investment you are making in us.

What we know?

Technology provides consumers a new way to research products or services and to compare atlernatives before making a buying decision. Digital marketing (websites, social media, analytics, etc.) is not different from traditional marketing because the goals remain the same: create a great first impression, develop a relationship, create new opportunities and generate sales.

Where do you start?

By building realtionships. But, the relationship is only as strong as the marketing strategy that outlines the specific goals, the tactics to acquire new visitors, measuring the effectiveness and modifying the strategy to reach your goals.

Let's Create something together!

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What we do

Some call this work but we call it fun

Web Design

We work side by side with you to create a clean, crisp and informative website to reach your customers.

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Our Google Partnership and dedicated representative ensures that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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We create an all encompassing optimization strategy and a dedicated account manager to keep you on track.

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Mobile Friendly

Designed to engage visitors when they decide to visit your site.
Easy on the Eyes

Visitors will find your new site easy to navigate and view content.

100% Responsive

Not by request. It's our standard when designing your custom website.

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Optimized for Performance

Improve organic search rankings, target your customers, and nurture your leads.

Lots of features

Lead capture, click to call, click to drive, personal automated responses, and more.

Your Vision
Our Team
Exceed Your Expectations
Make an Impression

What's Our Process

Evaluate your needs and define your goals.


Present a variety of options and define key features.



A site that sets you apart from the competition and makes you proud of your brand.



Your website will have all the features neccassary to gain insightful analytics to make strategic marketing decisions.

Some of our projects

Industry doesn't matter, only your vision and our experience.

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What people say about us

Read some of the testimonials from our amazing clients

I would recommend Art's Cube to any non profit or for profit business. From our very first meeting Art's Cube showed us that they had done some pretty extensive research on our agency, similar agencies in our community and nationally.

by VickyNon Profit

Brannon is one of the most talented individuals I have encountered. He is truly interested in helping other small business owners and does not hesitate to share his knowledge, take on projects, volunteer and assist to advance businesses.

by BarbaraCommunity College

Easy to reach, helpful with all my questions, clear communication. They inspired trust. Wouldn't it be a dream if everyone had this skill - and all my business interactions were this efficient, effective and easy.

by AnnFinance

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